Our letters to the US President & Senators

We at Cyrus Force are for changing the Ayatollahs regime in Iran, and Americans who are concerned with the terrorist behavior of the Ayatollahs Regime in Iran, can send such letters to the President and their Senators:


Dear Mr. President,


After 44 years of being trapped in poverty, misery and crisis, Iranians concluded and know very well that the regime of the Ayatollahs in Iran favors Bilderberg meeting, British Freemasons, Military-Industrial Complex, the US Allies, even US adversaries Russia, China and Iran's neighboring countries.

Simply Iran, as it is, is favoring every country except the majority of the Iranian people.

The sanctions at its present form and military attack helps Ayatollahs to loot Iran and stay in power for more years.

Only “Smart Sanctions”, i.e., sanctions against Iran's looters, can change the Ayatollah's behavior, which “Looting” is according to their Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Iran and Sharia Law.

This book titled "Imagine! The Fall of Ayatollahs Constitution" has two appendices:

First - some principles of the Constitution of the Islamic Republic, which show that the regime should be in hostility with the US and that the proxies of the regime should be scattered around the world to fight with American interests wherever they are.

Second - some part of the Quran Chronicle, to show that the regime of Ayatollahs, as they themselves say, do not believe in the completeness of the Quran.

The purpose of publishing this book is to pay tribute to the heroes of the Revolution "Woman Life Freedom" and to show the betrayal of a small number of Iranians abroad who are supported by the Western State Media.

If one day after the recognition of Israel by Saudi Arabia, it is decided that the regime of the Ayatollahs should change their behavior, then the only leverage of American pressure is to call the regime's anti-American and terrorist principles and seek interference in the Constitution of the Islamic Republic and “Smart Sanctions” on the regime thieves and looters of Iran.


Dear Senator ,

We, the Iranian Americans of Cyrus Force, left our birth country, Iran, due to a Constitution that was imposed upon our countrymen by the Ayatollahs. We now find that we must have the privilege of bringing this to your attention today and asking for a voice in the Senate. We believe that bringing this to your attention is the only manner in which Iranian Americans can facilitate the downfall of the repressive and murderous regime of the Ayatollahs, with the help of the American government. Please bear with us as we explain.

In contrast to the American constitution of freedoms of speech and peaceful protest, the Iranian Constitution includes many pro-terrorism sentiments included in which, but not limited to, are anti-American and anti-Israel rhetoric. Due to this, we believe that a change in the Iranian constitution is the first step in removing this murderous regime. 

The true nature of the Ayatollah's Constitution came to the surface when they took American hostages for 444 days. Since then, they have been committing these types of cruel acts of inhumanity, including incarcerating and murdering innocents. Due to these precise actions, we, as Iranian Americans have two issues on our mind when thinking about the US policy in the Middle East.

1.    The first is the security of Israel- This should be the number one policy of the U.S. administration in the Middle East, no matter who is in the White House or Congress. Israel is, a quote from President Regan, “The strategic treasure of the United States”, it is also the only democracy in the Middle East.

2.    The second is the balance of power, human rights, and freedoms of the peoples of the Middle East.

In light of these two all-consuming global issues, let us look at the two ideologies of Wahhabism all over the World and Shia Iran who are imminent threats to Israel. It would indeed be a long discussion to argue which one is worse for Israel.

However, it has been argued and proved in the book "Imagine! The Fall of the Ayatollah's Constitution”, that full recognition of Israel by Saudi Arabia will eliminate both threats to Israel forever. The beginning chapters of the book describe the intent of the Wahabi, Suni, and Shia sects of Islam. The book states” If a gun with one bullet is in the hand of a Wahabi and four people, Israeli, Christian, Bahai, and Shia stand In front of him”, The Wahabi will use that one bullet to kill the Shia.

By mentioning this quote, we mean that the Wahabis will never relinquish their religious power, but we can manage to change the religious fervor that fuels the atrocities brought upon the people of Iran by helping to change the rule that had been put into place some 70 years ago.

The hatred between religions is so extensive and never-ending in that part of the world and because of this tribal hatred, there are no other tools or means left for the people of Iran to get rid of the Ayatollahs in Iran, except, for a narrative in the U.S. Senate to help the Iranian people change the Constitution in Iran that will eliminate the hatred, and terrorism. 

In lieu of this, we would like you to become familiar with these specific sections of the Iranian constitution that we feel are particularly egregious.

1. The Introduction- Introducing anti-American rhetoric and demanding that the world convert to Islam.
2. Article 11- Institution of Jihad and Islamic custom
3. Article 14- Retribution of non-respect, and Jihad
4. Article 57- The governing powers in Iran, the legislative, the executive, and the judiciary powers operate under the supervision and absolute authority of the religious leadership of “the community of believers”, the Islamic Republic
5. Article 60- The executive powers are exercised by the President of the Republic and his ministers, except in the affairs that are directly related to the leadership in Article 57, Meaning that all law is exercised by the Supreme Ayatollah Leader.
6. Article 144- The Army of the Islamic Republic of Iran must be an Islamic army, committed to the Ideology of Islam, with individuals who are true to and devoted to the goals of the Islamic revolution.
7. Article 151- This is a call to arms for the people to fight against all who do not believe in their religious ideals.
8. Article 154- Supports the struggle of the oppressed for their right to get rid of the oppressor anywhere in the world called Jihad.

As you can see the Constitution is directly influential in creating chaos and hatred in the world of non-Islamists and therefore changing the constitution is the first step in normalizing and creating a democracy for all the inhabitants of Iran who desperately want this democracy and normalization.

Today we, as Iranian Americans, are writing to you, our Senators emphasizing the key to the removal of the Ayatollahs from power and the key to the Saudi's recognition of Israel starts with a change of the Iranian Constitution. We are hoping with your guidance we can make this happen.

We believe that when our Senators and the US Administration object to the Anti-American and Pro-Terrorist sentences in the Iranian Constitution, the US policy will be in harmony with the Iranian Youth and Girls, who are presently protesting articles 5 and 8 of the Constitution which constitutes the rights and freedoms of Iranian humanity.

The US Intelligent Agencies know, and Henry Kissinger wrote: “A democratic regime in Iran makes this nation the most natural ally of the United States of America.”

Therefore, we are requesting your assistance in this matter and asking you for an audience with us to address these issues as quickly as possible.

With Great Regards
The Iranian American of Cyrus Force